Bunny In A Basket Easter Cake

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With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to think about quick and easy treats that anyone can make and every bunny is sure to love! Our 14 part video set featuring step by step video guides by professional decorators Trish “Cake Maven” Boyer and Carrie De Rosa will show you how to create two frolicky Easter themed cakes and five fun-tastic Easter cupcakes as well as Royal Icing Drop Flowers just in time for your Easter celebration or Spring Festival!

These versatile videos demonstrate techniques that you’ll be able to use for many occasions! Decorating has never been easier with the step by step instructions to create a buttercream basket cake with weave sides and a braided fondant handle, a dainty cake with dotted ribbon and Cornelli Lace sides and a grass top that could be used for birthdays, outdoor sport themes and more, plus cupcakes and flowers that are so easy to make you’ll be excited to use them all of the time!

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