Cake Decorating Video-How to Make a Tiara Using a Silicone Mold

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In this cake decorating video, which is produced by /silicone-molds/tiara-molds, you will learn how to make an edible and decorative tiara using a silicone mold. A tiara adds glamour and elegance to any cake or cupcake. By using the Tiara Silicone Molds you can create tiaras out of fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, and sugar.

Coat your Tiara Mold or Tiara Mold with cornstarch by using a pounce. Remove the excess cornstarch from the food-safe silicone mold by slapping it against a hard surface. Roll out your fondant to cover the surface area of the food-safe silicone mold and to one-eighth of an inch thick. Place the fondant on top Silicone Tiara Mold. With your hand, press the fondant into the silicone mold. The blades of the silicone molds will begin to cut through the fondant.

Roll a rolling pin over the surface to completely cut through the fondant. Peel away the excess fondant. With a needle tool, remove the fondant from the windows in the Tiara Mold or the Tiara Mold.

With your index finger, press along the outside of the silicone blade inward of the silicone mold. This will insure a clean edge for your tiara.

Pull the lips of the Tiara Mold or the Tiara Mold away from the fondant or gumpaste. Do this around the entire perimeter of the silicone mold. Flip the silicone mold over peel away from the fondant.

Gently and carefully lift the tiara and place on a curved surface to form a semicircle. Allow the tiara to dry overnight. Once dried, the tiara will easily stand on a cake or cupcake.

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