Cake Decorating – How to Use Marvelous Molds

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Here is a helpful mold making video created by that introduces an incredible new line of silicone molds. Cutting edge, patent-pending design elements have been incorporated in these remarkable molds making them the perfect choice for cake decorators, artists and anyone who practices an artful craft that requires beautiful embellishment.

Silicone molds by Marvelous Molds are food-grade and are manufactured for the cake decorating and arts and crafts fields with patent-pending trimming blade technology, to make cake decorating easier, faster and more efficient.

To use the silicone molds, first season the mold with cornstarch. Remove the excess so that there is a micro thin layer of cornstarch on the silicone mold.

Stiffen fondant by adding powdered sugar or tylos and roll out. Place the fondant on top of the silicone mold. Take your rolling pin and roll over the fondant.

The patent-pending trimming blade technology cuts through fondant and ensures clean edges. The lips of the silicone molds allow for easy removal of the fondant.

Watch this informative, step by step, instructional video to learn how to use Marvelous Molds.

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